Dehydrated Meals
Add-on Service

I, seriously, want to eat something Indian. Desi is the way to go. God, one plate of poha or one bowl of Chole, that’s all I need. Well, don’t worry about it even a bit. We have an answer to those cravings of yours. We have lived those moments and we know how difficult things become when you crave for some of the Indian delicacies and you are not able to eat and even if you can, the prices are such that it’s better to wait till you reach India.

With our Dehydrated Meal Partners, we help our clients buy dehydrated food from India itself. Simply add water and cook for a minute or two to get the authentic taste even in Europe. Almost all the Hostels in Europe have kitchen’s installed and if there is kitchen installed in the hostel you are staying, why not take benefit out of it? Just take out your dehydrated food, add hot water and Voila! You have what you desired.

Dehydrated foods are not heavy in quantity and you can buy a mixture of many things with a weight of around 2 kgs. Keep it in your bag and slowly and gradually, let the weight on your shoulders feel less with your shoulders becoming strong. The prices of Dehydrated foods and the prices of food you will be eating in Europe should not even be compared. Dehydrated foods will not cost you more and with our collaboration, we have negotiated the best prices for our you. Check our dehydrated meal article for more reference.