Visa is the wall between your fulfillment of dreams and your current state. Europe is very strict in respect of whom they allow to enter their territory. Nothing to worry about but this is just a barrier which we can cross easily if we can provide them assurance on the queries raised by them. Europe, basically, doesn’t want people entering their area and settling in permanently. There are enough problems which they are facing currently and they certainly don’t want to aggravate those anymore. To enter Schengen area, one has to compulsorily take a Schengen Visa. We have written extensively on Schengen Visa and will request you to read it here and contact us at in case you have queries.

What sort of Visa Service do we provide?

Tour de Guide stands for hassle-free Europe trip. One of the important hassle which our clients think is of Visa. We aim to convert that hassle into a simple document providing matter. There are few things which you might have to do but we can assure you that we will be clear in what will be required so that you don’t have to go to places again and again.

Visa requires your personal documents, ITR’s and on Bank documents, they even require Bank’s seal. We will be providing assistance in every step. We will be picking up and dropping all your documents required so that you don’t have to worry about anything, anytime, anywhere.

This service is an add-on-service to the itineraries booked. The rates provided to our clients will be most competitive in the whole market. All these services are provided complimentary so that the user doesn’t have to search around places, waste their precious time finding out whom to book the services from, what to do and what not to. As soon as you book an itinerary, which we require 45 days before at least, you will be emailed with all the details of all the add-on-services. Client satisfaction is our priority and we will take each step accordingly.

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