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Wish, I could talk to my Parents or Wish, I could video chat with my siblings/friends and show them these amazing-amazing places. You get down in a country and you buy a Sim card, a few days later, you are trying to call and you are not able to. You wonder what might have happened and why is nothing working, well, you have entered a new country altogether.

Countries are not bigger and are very close to each other. Today you might be in one country and tomorrow in another and the sim cards become irrelevant in that another country. Apart from not working, the Sim cards are very costly too when compared to the price offered if you buy services from India.

If you buy sim cards from India, they come with some or unlimited free Indian and Europe Calls, free Indian and Europe SMS’s and free 1-2-4-8 GB or Unlimited data. There are different variants of cards and each has different pricing.

One of the disadvantages, which, few of these sim cards have is that they don’t allow you to call the European Emergency number and so it is wise that you save all the numbers department wise and city wise.

Tour de Guide Services:

We happen to provide Sim cards which will be activated in an hour after we provide you with the same but these sim cards won’t work until you have reached Europe. We hand deliver the sim cards before you leave India and the sim cards are based on the number of days you plan to go and also on the variant you plan to buy. We have tied up with the best Sim card service providers in India who have great experience in the Abroad Telecom sector and can provide the best services at the best prices. We are not going to be hard bent on pricing as we believe features are important too.

If the price of a sim card without an emergency number far outweighs the price of a Sim card with an emergency number, we would request you to buy the same. The prices provided will be the most budgeted price you will come across.

These services provided are complimentary and the prices charged for the same will be the most competitive market rates ever. The rates will be provided after booking the services.