What is Tour de Guide?

Tour de Guide is the bridge between people's dream of travelling and travelling itself. We aim to provide end to end solution for all your travelling needs and at the best rates in the whole of world. The aim is for people to travel, see, learn and implement that learning in their day to day life for the betterment of their own selves as well as of the world.

Why are there so many itineraries provided?

The itineraries provided in Solo, Couple and Family, are there to help an individual make a wise decision and to not make her/him spend a lot of time in opening and finalizing the trip. The day plan is not a compulsion and an individual is at will to do whatever he wishes to. The independent itineraries are made by experts for the ease of traveller and if the traveller wishes to change any of it, the traveller can send us an email at contact@tourdeguide.com.

What is provided in the Solo, Couple, Family and Group tabs?

Tour de Guide is divided into two segments Independent and Group. Independent can be in the form of Solo/Friends, Couple and Family travellers. We are providing many types of itineraries, which have been made by Guides, for the Independent travellers to enjoy their travel time. We are also providing a solution of customize wherein we will be giving you the option of customizing the cities as per your wish. Customize feature is in the process of being built and so if in the mean time, you have any changes to be made to any itinerary in terms of nights or cities, you can drop us an email at contact@tourdeguide.com and we will respond for all your needs. Group refers to group tours wherein we take a group of 30-50 people and provide them with utmost enjoyment. The group tour is headed by a Tdg guide and he/she will be there to support the group in every aspect possible. The terms and conditions are different for both the Group and Independent tours with very less liability on us in the case of Independent travelling.

What is the process to travel by Tour de Guide?

The process is easy and starts with you visiting our platform, going through the many itineraries provided, choosing one which satisfies you with your vacation dream and booking it. A confirmation email will be sent to you after you book and if you have bought our Visa and other add-on services, we will be asking you to provide us with all the necessary documents required. After the completion of your visa process, we will be hand delivering you all the documents with all the add-on services bought and will wish you a happy journey. Reach the airport before time and start your dream journey. After getting down in your Europe, catch a shuttle or meet our representative and reach to the hotel. Refresh and start your amazing European experience!

What should I do in case of Emergency?

In case of any emergency, you can contact us, contact the Indian embassy, the police, the insurance company or the emergency solution provider team. Emergency can be in the form of losing your passport, medical emergency, delay emergency etc. In case of Medical Emergency, kindly check the mandatory insurance you have bought and check which all hospitals do they cover and how to claim the Euros. We are in the process of collaborating with a global agency and we hope our users will be able to use their services soon.

What should I do if I miss my bus/train or don't reach the next destination on time?

Try catching the next transport available to reach your destination. If that is not possible, enjoy your stay in the current city and directly reach the 2nd next destination. You will be spending a lot of extra money in this case and so we would request to be careful and reach your destinations on time.

Do we provide Intra-city services?

The cities in Europe are small and unless you can't walk much, we would suggest you buy a City transport pass which will be around 7 to 10 Euros for a day. You will be able to travel unlimitedly with that pass. You will be able to use the Metro, Tram and Bus services.

There's a proper reason as to why you should not buy the city transport pass. Europe is meant for Walking and if you are someone who dislikes Walking, there is very good chance, that you will start enjoying it.

There are few cities where you don't require to buy the pass at all and there are few cities where you might require transportation services. Even the cities where you might require transportation services, you might not require for the full day. In every city, you get a one-time ticket, where you can travel in one way from one end to the other or you can buy a one-hour ticket, which will expire in an hour. Those tickets are usually 1/4 the price of a full-day ticket. After reaching that certain place, you can spend the rest of the day walking easily and then come back again to your hostel or hotel buying a one time or one-hour ticket, thereby saving Half of the full day ticket price. There is a difference between a City Transport pass and a City Card. We would request you to go through the article, "Should you buy a city card or not" for getting a better picture. We will also be mailing you about all the way you can travel once your booking of hotels/hostels is finalised. It depends on person to person and so it is wise enough to let people decide for themselves.

We, at Tour de Guide, understand the panic the user goes through as soon as they get down at a European airport for the first time and so we have decided to provide an Express shuttle ticket or a normal Airport Shuttle to our client. All the user will have to do will be to go and wait at that respective place for the shuttle to come and pick them up. We would be providing the client with appropriate details about the same. This is a complimentary gift from our side. We would request our clients to help us in providing feedback about the Shuttle and if the same is negative, we will try to change the service provider or change the way the transport is provided.

For Couple and Families, we provide End-to-End Solutions and we fulfill all their needs in a customized manner.

For Solo/Friends, they would be booking an Itinerary and if they require any special service, they can always contact us at contact@tourdeguide.com.

Which Insurance do you provide?

We have tie-ups with most of the Insurance providing companies and based on the number of days, countries you will be visiting, we will be providing you with the best Insurance policy. We have tied-up with companies like ICICI Lombard, Tata Aig and others.

How do you provide Forex services?

We have a tie-up with Centrum forex services for all our forex needs. Centrum has their online presence through centrumforex.com. The rates provided will be the same, but some benefit of the tie-up will be provided to you as a discount in the price charged for the itinerary. This benefit will be apart from the benefits provided to you by centrumforex.com.

Are there overnight trips in the itineraries?

We, as a company, highly recommend people to take overnight trips. Overnight trips help you in two ways: Firstly, they help you save a day's Hostel/Hotel cost and secondly, they help you save a day of being in the city rather than in the bus or train. Hostels and a good amount of Hotels in Europe have the facility of a luggage room where you can keep your luggage and visit the city. So if you have a bus overnight, you can check out in the morning, keep your luggage in the luggage room, go around the city and then board the bus to the next city. The check-in time is usually in the afternoon, but the hostel/hotel people will let you keep your luggage in the luggage room. If they also have a common bathroom, you can use that and check-in later on. In this way, you have saved a day's cost and also a day to see Europe, where, you don't come that often. The overnight trips are suggested for Solo/Friends only. For Couple and Families, we don't recommend the overnight trips. All the Solo/Friends Itinerary booking which will be made through our Platform will have Overnight trips. For Couple and Families, we won't have overnight trips, unless that is the only way out. So to Conclude, For Solo/Friends, Yes. For Couple and Families, No. If you are a solo/friends traveller and you do not want to travel overnight, you can let us know about the same.

Do we provide Sightseeing Services?

Europe is full of Museums and Historic Places and to enter those places, you have to pay certain Euros. Those certain Euros turn out to be a lot after getting accumulated day by day.

Sightseeing is one of the major costs in Europe and this depends on person to person as to what they might like to see and what they might not. There are users who have already visited certain places and might not be interested in going again and so from our end it was a conscious decision to not include any of those. The price as such would not have made a huge difference even if you were buying from us and then if there were a change of plans, the whole price paid will be wasted.

If you intend to buy before going, we will be providing you with a list of attractions bifurcated into Recommended and Optional with prices quoted alongside. We will be providing discounts also on the same and anything which you think you will like to sightsee, you can place an order for the same with us.

How is travelling with us like?

In one word, Travelling with us is Freedom! Our aim is to have as many people travel across the globe as possible. We cater to the utmost need of travellers and leave the rest upon them to decide. What to do, when to do, how to do, freedom in everything you plan and wish to do, Explore how much soever you wish to.

Think of us as your friend who is an expert in what he is providing and in what he is offering. We have made the best of Itineraries for you to go through. You can visit our itineraries here.

What we offer to you is your return flight tickets, your Hostel/Hotel stay, your Inter-city transfers, and food coupons with the partners we are tying up with.

Exploring the world isn't difficult at all and believe us, not at all as costly as you think it is. And in case you have any queries and questions, we are always there to assist you, whenever you want and wherever you are.

You can go through all the above FAQ's also to understand more about what we provide and why we provide only that and nothing more.

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