About the City

Located on the north-western side of the Czech Republic, Prague is a beautiful city in the Central Europe. It is also the capital city as well as one of the largest cities in the country. Prague is flocked by tourists throughout the year due to its rich heritage and culture.

Founded in the 9th century as the base of Bohemian Empires and Holy Roman Empires, this place has a profound place in the World Heritage List. The mesmerizing city with a beautiful mix of golden-tipped towers and exotic church domes, walled courtyards and cathedrals and majestic castles and bright and charming atmosphere, attracts a lot of tourists every year. This city is not only culturally rich but also known for its music, art, fine dining and exotic places making it a perfect travel destination.

The city got its name as Prague or Praha from the German tribes and Slavic immigrants.

History of the City

The initial human settlement has its stems from the Paleolithic Age. The establishment of this exotic city was done in 1306 B. C. by the primitive king named as Boyya and the neighboring region of Bohemia was termed after him. Eventually, Prague was thronged by the Celts, German tribes and Slavic immigrants and many Bohemian Kings. It gained its importance as a trading center charming countless merchants from various parts of Europe and the World.

The Czech National Revival regained popularity in the city after the revolution of Europe came to a crushing end in Prague and the Czech Language was given a social status which was a major milestone achieved.

Following the WWI Prague was named the newly built Czechoslovakia but in WWII the city witnessed great mayhem and havoc and endured severe destruction. With the passage of time, Soviet Union undertook Prague’s political control and declared Prague as the capital city of the Czech Republic. This was formed in the year 1993. Shortly Prague rose to become a prominent cultural center in Europe which is greatly inclined towards globalization even if that is cultural or political. It is a known fact that the well-recognized Prague Castle was built in 800 A.D.

Commuting to the City from the Airport

Václav Havel Airport is the name of Prague’s international Airport which is located 12 kilometers west side of Prague’s city center.

To reach the city, the fastest and inexpensive way is to travel via the door-to-door shuttles and buses. You can opt Prague Airport Door-to-door shuttles as it costs about 290 CZK per person.

Airport express bus cost ranges from 42 CZK to 60 CZK. Public buses connect you to several metro stations and tickets for the same can be bought from Public Transport kiosks.

Taxis and rental cars can be a very expensive option if you want to commute to the city. The Prague card or the city tour card facilitates you to travel without any prohibitions from airport to city center and vice versa.

Travelling within the City

Prague hosts a well-organized arrangement of public transportation methods for its tourists and citizens.

One of the best method for a convenient, inexpensive and trouble free exploration within the city is using the public transportation. Metros, trams and buses are the preferred modes of transportation within the city. You can buy the tickets from metro stations and newsstands and you can also obtain a bus ticket directly from the driver of the bus.

Walking and cycling around is also an ecstatic option to travel around Prague.

Taxis and car rentals charge way too much and generally due to traffic jams they might even slow down your trip so it is always better to use other modes of transportation.

There are two types of Single-trip tickets available.

• 30-minute ticket: 24 CZK

• 90-minute ticket: 32 CZK

Both these tickets can be used on any mode of public transport and it allows transfers between the lines and even different types of transport modes. You can also obtain the tickets by sending the text message "DPT24" or "DPT32" to the number 902 06. Your ticket will then be generated and sent to your mobile device within few minutes.

Travel passes are also an option for short term and long term.

• Short-term (tourist) passes are sold at ticket offices that are located at some of the metro stations and tourist information centers. 24-hour pass: 110 CZK (children 6-15 years: 55 CZK) 3-day pass (72 hours): 310 CZK these passes can be used on any mode of Public transportation for the duration of the validity of the pass. Children under 6 ride free.


Prague has some really amazing monuments and ancient styles of architecture. This is one of the cities of the world which is well-preserved.

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One must visit the Prague Castleas it is the highest visited place in Prague. It is called Prague Castle as it is a vast complex of huge edifices connected together by internal courtyards. This place has been very important in the past and today also it holds a great value as it serves as the political and cultural center of City and the state. Also, it is the abode of the President of the Czech Republic.

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Another place of interest is the Lennon Wallor is popularly known as John Lennon Wall situated in Malá Strana. It is a John Lennon inspired graffiti decorated wall which is maintained by the Knights of Maltese Cross, who permitted the continuance of the graffiti. The wall undergoes the changes incessantly and the Lennon’s original painting is now lost under the coatings of new paints, poems and much more. It has now gained prominence as a symbol of love and peace among the youth. John Lennon has inspired many people in Prague with his songs and poems relating to freedom. It was then the pop songs were banned in Prague especially Lennon’s as it was considered provoking.

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You can also visit the Old Jewish Cemeterywhich is another popular sightseeing place in Prague. The ancient gravestones are covered with moss and vine and house the tombs of famous rabbis. Situated in Josefov, it has about 12000 gravestones, as the rulers of Prague did not let the Jews bury their dead elsewhere so these graves had to be piled up on each other. Two significant graves here are of Jehuda ben Bezalel who is well-known for crafting the “Golem of Prague” and Avigdor Kara (a poet).

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Church of St. Francis, Prague is another place where you can go and spend time. If you are lucky you might get to see the traditional wedding ceremony and there are lots of concerts happening in the evening so you can book your slots online or can even get the tickets at the venue. The design and architecture of this church are mind-blowing.

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Astronomical Clockin Prague The medieval clock of Prague is a very famous place for the tourists. The clock was first mounted in the year 1410, ranking third in the oldest astronomical clock of the world and also the oldest one which is still operating.

You can learn more about the sightseeing's and also how to see the sightseeings by reading this article.

When to go and for how many days?

A minimum of 2 days and maximum of “Till your heart fills” are required to explore the scenic and cultural attractions including the historical monuments, attractions, landmarks and charming nightclubs of Prague. One day can be spent seeing Prague Castle, Charles Bridge, Old Town Square and Small-town Square. Day 2 can be utilized for the sightseeing.

There are lots of tourist’s spots that are worthwhile for example Wenceslas Square, State Opera, Charles Square along the banks of River Vltava to Charles Bridge, St Vitus Cathedral, the Rudolfinum and through the river to Prague Castle, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and also explore the Royal Palace and Golden Lane, which is the renowned place of the enigmatic pseudoscientists. At night one can go to amazing Nightclubs or party on a Vltava River cruise with their friends.


Prague has some of the best fine dining restaurants. Great service, excellent food and ambience. You can find candlelit underground restaurants to the restaurants which offer panoramic views of the city.

Kampa Park is one of the finest restaurants of Prague. It is located beside the river and next to Charles bridge on Kampa Island. It offers a great range of fresh fish and sea food along with other meat options.


Prague is the most illustrious city of Europe thus you would feel that the party time never finishes here. People love enjoying to their heart’s content. There are a plenty of night clubs scattered in the city.

Bars have free entry and drinks are comparatively economical which makes Prague one of the Party Capitals of the world.

You can visit Chapeau Rouge which looks like an old-fashioned bar but serves amazing wines, beers, cocktails and an eclectic blend of Red Bull and Absinthe is surely something which is to be tried at least once. These clubs have a welcoming atmosphere and favorite hangout spots for tourists and citizens. Different pubs have different entrance fees. For example Sasazu charges 200 CZK but it can increase if there is a famous DJ or a rock band playing.

Rules and Regulations

Though Prague is a very safe city to travel around, be aware of your belongings in a popular tourist place. Also under no circumstances you should get the money changed on the street as there are number of gangs which will lure you with a better rate but they will give you fake currency.

Social Etiquettes

Being the subtle, quiet and soft personalities Czechs do not appreciate any form of loud behavior. Remove the shoes outside if you are visiting a Czech home.

Be very soft and formal. In case of any doubt just observe the locals and act accordingly.

Emergency Contact Numbers

You can contact at the below mentioned numbers:

Police No – 158,

Ambulance – 112

Fire – 112 or +420 950 852 011

Indian Embassy Contact: +420 257 533 461