How to conquer Jet Lag?

For people who travel across the globe, it gets a little difficult once they land. While going towards the East, you lose a day and while going to the West, you gain some time in hand. Europe being centrally located, people flying here have an exciting experience. Now, the main issue while you fly is that you feel jet-lagged. The result is that you feel sleepy during the day and want to go shopping at night. The reason being you land up in a different time zone. But there are some ways to win over this tendency and remain fresh and active.

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Prepare yourself at least 48 hours before: When you plan to fly, always make up your mind and adjust accordingly minimum 48 hours before, so that you don't face inconvenience as you land up in a new place. Set your clock according to the place you will travel and behave accordingly. Like, you can try to have early dinner and sleep soon. When you are moving from the East, your activity will be different. Watch movies aboard or sleep; you can switch to your favourite entertainment channel, enjoy your meal, and take a nap. Yes, this is relaxing as you may have to get up early to board the flight. Take a small nap and make sure that you are refreshed for the rest of the day. Walk every one hour, never sit in a place for long; if you are seated in a place for long, make sure that you rotate your ankles and your feet. Ensure good blood circulation throughout the lower portion of your body. Feel the need to use the flight toilet. This will prevent swelling of feet and other parts of the body. Make sure you flatten your seat and relax.

Adjust yourself to the local time; always keep a note of the local timings. You will get notified of the places you are travelling through and adjust your clock accordingly. Say, if you are landing at 10 in the morning, then you have the whole day to enjoy. Reach your hotel, take a quick shower, have food, and prepare to have a tour of the city. You will reach your hotel in the evening tired and would want to sleep. You will have a good sleep and again wake up fresh the next morning.

Avoid drinking alcohol while onboard if you have a history of jet lag. Wine, beer might bring an adverse effect on you resulting in drowsiness and giddiness. You may experience a severe headache. Instead, you may have juice and lots of water to keep yourself hydrated.


Say goodbye to coffee or sleeping pills. If you have coffee, it may happen that you won't feel sleepy and your nerves will be strong enough to keep you awake at night. It is okay to start your morning with a nice, hot, brewing cup of coffee but do not have coffee after 6 pm. Do not consume sleeping pills and force yourself to sleep. You may start feeling drowsy at the immigration counter. Keep yourself awake and aware whenever you land in a new country.

Eat light and eat right whenever you are on board. Having too much of protein and carbohydrate might cause you to feel heavy and incite motion. If you are not acquainted with the mini-sized flight toilet, you will have a tough time. So, prefer eating biscuits and fruits.

Split your journey; a long flight journey is not preferable. Always opt for shorter flights with a layover. Suppose you are flying from India to Europe, opt for a layover at UAE or any Gulf country. Direct flights are long and hectic.

If you feel energetic enough, enjoy the night at a new place. In case, you land early in the morning and have the entire day, plan a city tour at night as well. For most of the European countries, the nightlife is worth viewing. Seize the opportunity and enjoy the new city.


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