Apps to be Downloaded on the Phone while travelling to Europe

Who would love hanging out with travel agents if your smartphone is your own guide? Making out an itinerary for a trip can be painful, but if you have all the essential accessories and tools right on your phone, you are just a way to GO! Even if you are non-geek the travelling apps can fairly be the impelling one.

Right from searching the favorite hotspots to the budget hostels, famous restaurants to breath-taking sightseeings, you could use the travelling apps to make your trip more memorable and less loaded.

Some tablets and smartphones come preloaded with different apps that can prove valuable on your trip ( check weather, compass). But if you can elongate your smartphone and tablet smartness by downloading extra applications like translators, finding cheap hostels, food reviews etc, you can travel anywhere in the world.

Now that you have done your tickets to Europe for this vacay, we have compiled up some of the best and valuable apps to keep your concerns to the rock-bottom.

Want to go to that restaurant which is run by innovative culinarians, or wanna hang out at the place because your friend tagged the tempting dish are you craving? You can find all these places on high-tech apps whenever you go online.

Online Mobile Apps for travelling in Europe

  1. Journey Pro

Either download 5-6 different apps to make your transport easy across the country or choose a single app that offers transport queries and creates a proper plan for your route. Journey Pro is an excellent app to explore the London Underground, National Rail, DLR and London bus, etc. The app provides you details about the station facilities and history, the bus route with different combinations available. Set your destination for easy planning. You can even search the next nearest station with a single tap. Journey Pro is a real-time app, once downloaded, you will be amazed by it.

Available: Designed for iPhone and iPad.

  1. National Rail

If you are planning to explore the UK by rail, then nothing can do wonders as such as the National Rail. It is the best app and an amazing route planner to tour the UK. The app lets you plan, updates you with all the train timings and travel updates. Features: Get any changes in time direct on your phone, no credit card fees on booking the train tickets, make your own journey planner, save your favorite destinations, get notified with the train number and platform number. National Rail keeps you updated with all the major trains across Britain including Eurostar Greater Anglia Hull Trains, Merseyrail South West Trains, Stansted Express, TransPennine Express, Virgins Train East Coast, etc. You can make your Europe Trip more exciting and memorable with the National Rail app.

Available: National Rail is accessible to iPad, iPod and iPhone with iOS 8, or higher version

  1. AroundMe

How many times have you got stuck in a situation where you have no cash, no fuel? And you have no idea where to search for ATM or refilling station. What if we say there’s an app that lets you find all the nearest places like a Gas station, Restaurant, ATM machine, Cabs, Theatre, etc to stress you bare minimum? AroundMe is here to help you out! The app discerns your position and locates the nearest necessary places for you. Just tap on the category that you are looking for, and you will be served with the best option nearby you. AroundMe is quite a handy, easy, and accurate app. Available: Accessible to iPhone and iPad with iOS 7 or higher version

  1. GoEuro

GoEuro is a kind of encyclopedic app that allows you to find and book trains, flights, and other modes of transport across different cities of Europe in one go. Book your tickets from over 2000 airports plus 8000 bus and train stations. Features: Deal with the best mode of transport with no fees, tickets get stores in My Bookings section, includes important UK trains companies, frequently gets updated with more train and airlines across the UK and other countries

  1. TheFork

TheFork lets you discover more than 25000 restaurants in European countries. TheFork helps you to finds restaurants in big cities like Belgium, Switzerland, Portugal, book your table, check the ambiance, menu items, and check other user reviews. The app might provide you with some good discount offers. It enables free online booking, provides rewarded points on each booking, and get discounts on the partner restaurant.

     6. Monument Tracker

Monument Tracker is an excellent app for history lovers. It lets you discover the hidden monuments in 60 cities. The only drawback of using this app it has its itineraries pre-defined, but going right through is not at all necessary as the app tracks your location and alerts you with the nearest sights.

     7. Spotted by Locals

The app allows 100% offline maps and navigation. Either if you want to catch the suggestions by the local writer for some random place or want to catch a site by the photographer, Spotted by Locals is worth downloading. The app updates you with the local author's and photographer's activities and dining advice. Spotted by Locals also list the spots nearby and helps you navigate online. Note: The app costs $3.99 for each city so download if the tradeoff is worth investing.      

     8. Pretty Streets

Pretty Streets is an amazing app that serves the all-inclusive walking itineraries through Europe’s different destinations including Paris, Dublin, and London. Walkthrough the fascinating streets, avenues, and promenades. Download the app from the play store or Apple store, customise your itineraries according to your time and interests. Find the finest route and discover a new city.

    9. Measures

Do you know how much Indian currency equals one Euro? Don’t worry the Measures app will guide you all through your travel questions to Europe. Ask anything about the conversions of dollars, rupees, and other major categories. You will never be wrong with the Measures conversion rates. Support: Temperature Magnetic Flux, Blood Sugar, Currency Exchange Rates, Typography Speed, and much more. Note: The App Costs $1.99 and is available only on Apple Store.

   10. Museum Explorer

If you are planning to tour Europe with your family, then don’t forget to download Museum explorer.

While all these apps are accessible online, what if you get a poor internet connection or no connection at all? What if you get stuck in a jam and there is no mode of going online?

Offline apps for travelling in Europe

       1 .XE Currency

You may find the number of other conversion apps on your phone, but XE currency is one of the renowned apps that calculates and converts the currencies in one go. With more than 50 million downloads, the app also allows you to view historical charts and live rates of every currency in the world.

  1. Europe Travel Guide

Get all-inclusive details of European destinations in one guide. This excellent offline guide lets you explore the beautiful place around the world plus it also avoids the roaming charges. Make your customised itinerary, as the guide enfolds all the major hostels, bars, transportation, sightseeings, etc. to help you explore Europe. Wanna mark the destination for your next visit? Sync your favorites and notes on your device.

      3. EUR

This app offers a high-resolution detailed map for wifi use and less detailed for general use. EUR searches the map in any language. Features: Currency Converter: Dollar, Euro, Rupee, Japanese Yen, etc, Offline Map, and GPS Geolocation.

     4. Wi-fi Finder

If you are new to the city, finding a free Wi-fi zone is surely a treat for your trip. Europe is covered with many free Wi-fi spots but searching for one can really be daunting. The app works offline and discovers the Wi-Fi spots on your way. Wi-Fi finder also distinguishes whether this Wi-Fi connection is paid or free.

     5. Tripit

Tripit allows you to access all your itinerary plans on different devices. The app gives you the route to your hotel and other destinations. Egress your itinerary offline to avoid additional roaming charges. While Tripit is just like a handy person on your way it is easily available for Android and iOS.

While it is quite easy to access these apps, there’s a surprising twist. Most of the mobile apps want you to remain online to have real-time information; this can be handled easily as you can find Wi-Fi hotspots almost at every corner in Europe. But if you are travelling with the mobile phone confining with data abilities, you can suffer some extremely high data roaming charges. Travelling apps can make your trip much easier. So make sure that you have checked all the necessary information before you step into Europe.


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