Visa services provided in Add-on Services

Visa is one of the most important thing while going to Europe and other places around the world. Visa is also one of the most feared thing when booking for Schengen or other countries. But what people fail to understand is the purpose behind making the Visa compulsory. They are not looking if you are rich or not, all they want to know is if you will come back to your country and not become a refugee or anything like that in their country. Once you understand that, it's easy to provide them the documents needed.

We have an amazing team who will help you out with the whole visa process. They will help you understand the documents required, they will be there to help you submit the documents. All in all, they will be providing end to end service to your visa need.

One of the most important thing while applying for Visa is to check which country's visa is to be applied. Usually, it is the country where you will be staying most of the days. Instead of showing different rates for different countries in the Schengen area, we have provided a flat out rate for Schengen Countries. Our rates with the services we are providing is unmatchable and yes, we can guarantee that.

Visa Type Price (Rs)
Schengen 6200
Russia 3500
UK 11000
Japan 1200
New Zealand 10000
UK+Schengen 17000

If there are any queries regarding Visa, feel free to mail us at or call us at +91-8447449093.

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