Things to know about Christianity before you go on your Europe tour

a photo of bible with a cross over it

Most Followed Religion in Europe:

Christianity is followed by a majority of the population in Europe. Christianity is being practiced in Europe since the 1st century, and a number of the Pauline Epistles were addressed to Christians living in Greece and the Roman Empire. Catholics are the largest Christian group in Europe followed by the Orthodox and then the Protestants. Russia is the largest Christian country in Europe by population, followed by Germany and Italy.

History of Christianity:

Christianity conjures up images of massive churches and influential bishops, the religion was not always so dominant. Christians were victimized during the Roman Empire. Some, like Emperor Nero, notably accused Christians for whatever went wrong, including a fire that scorched most of Rome. Christians remained cautious, sometimes going as far as to meet and worship in underground catacombs. Many people were wary of Roman state rituals that seemed empty and were fascinated by the impression of social parity, righteousness, and the potential of life after death that Christianity offered. Establishing in the Middle East, Christianity began its spread north and west into Europe, carried by priests, and warriors. Of course, the Roman imperial regime couldn't ignore the fact that, despite the persecutions, Christianity was growing stronger.

Culture of Christianity:

European houses of worship have some amazing art and architecture and it is nice to cool off from the heat. A modest dress code (no bare shoulders or shorts) is encouraged at most churches but is enforced at some larger churches and most mosques. At active places of worship, visitors may not be allowed inside for some time periods throughout the day.

Europe has been a huge part of the Christian culture, even though the religion was started from the Middle East. Christian culture was the predominant force in Western evolution, guiding the course of thinking, art, and discipline. Europe has a rich Christian culture, especially as numerous Saints, Martyrs, and Popes were European themselves. Europe brought together many of Christianity's holy sites, heritage, and religious centers.


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