Why to travel?

A person is sitting on a bench at a beach staring at the captivating beauty of the sea!

Travelling is necessary, not optional:

Want to get away from the life that you are currently leading? Have an explorer in you that is dying to come out? Ever feel like that travelling requires too much effort and money. This is to tell you that this is not the case. Travelling always seem so expensive and this is a huge discouraging factor. But travelling is crucial for the mind and the soul. Whether you are feeling lost, getting over a heartbreak or have a wanderlust in you that can never be satisfied, travelling might just be the relief and joy you might be looking for!

Your Travel Dreams come alive here!

The exciting part of travelling is the ability to challenge yourself to do things you would never do otherwise. Jumping off bridges, travelling through jungles in a pick truck or swimming with the sharks, there is no better way to challenge yourself. Discovering new fears or getting over old ones, indulging in the weirdest cuisines or just taking a stroll through the seaside, there is a new experience awaiting every day you travel.

Travelling is characterized as an expensive deal only meant for the rich. This is not the case and it is not as difficult as it seems. With some smart planning and intense budgeting, the world out there is ours to explore. Do some smart saving, plan in the most budget friendly way and make travelling your ultimate passion – there is nothing that will stop you from reaching your dream destination. We, at Tour de Guide, strive to satisfy your dreams and yes, we are very much pocket-friendly.

You learn a new thing every day. Maybe it’s perfecting your French in the beautiful Paris or rolling a joint in one of Amsterdam’s coffee shops, the opportunities are endless. The world will never fail to surprise you and you can develop the most meaningful relationships out of travelling. You realize and discover how the world works in different ways and how little of the world you actually know about. Travelling humbles and empowers you all at the same time.

Discover new cultures and ways of life

Life can be a vicious circle of meaningless activities done on repeat and that there is sometimes everything you would want to do to get away from it. Travelling is the best way to get away from your daily rut. Pick a destination, plan, budget, pack your bags and leave. Come back to tell your family and friends the most interesting stories. Travelling ensures that the most ridiculous or scary moments eventually will be remembered as a fond and hilarious memory.

People travel for different reasons. But the most basic ground for travelling is the ability to gain a new perspective. Culture, food, people and living - the uniqueness of each place helps open your mind. There is not one constant way to live life ever in any one part of the world. Your view of world changes when you experience it personally.

Don’t be afraid to follow your heart and travel. Travelling will transform you as a person – it will help you realize the importance of gaining actual experiences over materialistic conquests. It will leave you with memories and adventures of a lifetime and sometimes this will turn out to be the best days of your life.

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