Top Cities to visit in Europe in Winter

When most of the countries are stuck in that icy grip, it feels good to know there’s a place warm and brisk to flee. If you are largely seeking some beaches and crazy bars, take a break! Explore some snowy parts of Europe as the city takes its visitors to its stunning snowy tucked regions. Right from skiing to the sleigh rides through the countryside and crazy icy festivals, Europe has the best yet uncountable breathtaking destinations to spend the winter.

No matter what you have planned for this winter, right from crazy snowy wonderlands to the sun-drenched beaches and the places especially framed for love affairs, some European destinations cheer you up for the winter vacay!

Whether you are here only for a week or have planned a month to blow, Europe has an infinite number of places to tour.

Cities to Visit during Winter:

Duration of Travel: Late October to March

 Here is a quick compilation of some picturesque yet dazzling European destinations for wanderlusts to escape this chilly cold breeze.

 Hello WINTER! You are the last one so be the creamy one!


Evening view of a castle in Granada

The climate here is healthy, open, clean with cheerful skies. Along with the magical Alhambra, this energetic Granada city impresses the tourists with breathtaking Moorish sights and flamenco venues that are impossible to notice anywhere else.

The city offers visitors to indulge in lustrous climate and breathtaking landscapes, sunny beaches unique activities, and festive cheers. The rays of the sun shining down the snow frame a stunning view of the city.


Snowfall in Zurich in winter

Zurich is undoubtedly one of those places that become mesmerizing and enchanting when the temperature freezes. This is entirely true during December when people shiver, the festive cheer of Christmas keeps you warm.

Having Fondue, in the chilly winter is all that you want to warm your belly and this Zurich special melted cheese adds a bit of sweetness to your winter vacay. You can also slip into shopping at Zurcher Brockenhaus - a vintage second-hand store with its own cafe bar.


Night view of Brandenburg Gate

Visiting Berlin in winter can save your bucks as it allows you to avail of some great deals on accommodations.  The surreal view of lakes and rivers and the windy atmosphere moves every Berliners to have a visit to concerts, bars, and cafes.

If you are a chocoholic then a tour to local food can be one of the most delightful things you can do here. Berlin is a perfect city for chocolate gourmets. Feeling too COLD what do you think about escaping to the cafe to have beer chocolate?


People skiing on a snowy mountain in Salzburg

Salzburg is a ravishing city with a fascinating atmosphere. This exotic city occupies ancient towns, infinite sights- and surprising moments at every corner. Salzburg offers amazingly beautiful gardens, mountains and has an old district, a long walk in the winter on the sides of streets gives you a glimpse of the fine baroque architecture.

 How can you miss the skiing here, skiing is the main reason why travelers plan for Austria in cold temperatures. In addition, you can also enjoy skating, sledge ride, and a snowboard like ducky adventures to keep yourself warm.


An evening view of boats rowing in a canal in Venice

Venice in the cold breeze is an unusual place of footsteps reflecting along the cloudy passage. The city in winter is at its best - energetic, ethereal and indeed local. Popular for the damp mist that slows down over the entire city to hush sounds and cover the old dwellings in a compliment round of mystery.

This exotic view is quite splendid to get lost in the muddy atmosphere among bridges plus the beautiful union of sky and sea gives a dazzling view to capture in winter.


Panoramic view of Barcelona City

Though it is headlined that Barcelona makes you shiver in cold temperatures, the bright blue skies give the city a vibrant feel, comparing with dark gray skies in other places. The temperature here is never too low and the climate remains cool for outdoor sites. In the late afternoon, Park Guell and museums are the perfect places to spend time with the family.

The city is all year round destination but particularly on New Year's Eve, it offers a treat for all ages. And how can you skip that ’twelve grapes’ a popular Spanish tradition and superstition where it's a challenge to eat 12 grapes without a choke in between the process to wish for beautiful 12 months ahead. It is Amazing! Of course, downing a glass of champagne and grabbing a kiss is also done but for the first 12 seconds, people only keep their eyes on the grapes challenge.


Madrid Castle in snow in Winter

Madrid offers a break for those who are seeking to experience a lively, cultural life in the freezing days. The city is a comix of modern and traditional architecture making it merge well with different choices of people. The beautifully dressed Madri-lenos, high boots to their getup, and the heaters peeping out at the outdoor cafes are worth a visit in winter.

Madrid’s markets, cuisines, shopping experience, and events make the winter an ideal time to know the nitty-gritty the city has to offer.

And now that you have entered Madrid how can you forget to visit the world’s oldest restaurant Sobrino de Botin, where the dishes served itself reflects the knowledge of centuries.


Amazing Lighting of Budapest City at Night

Looking for a chilled dose in winter in Budapest? Well, you have chosen the right place as the city doesn’t shut down when the temperatures go down. It is a mix of the urban environment and outdoor activities that give pleasure in a freezing atmosphere.

Budapest is all covered with breathtaking mountainous landscapes, plus it also provides adventures like cycling and climbing and more. The soft patches of snow, with gray skies the city show its real site in winter. During the walk towards your hotel, a number of museums, restaurants, and cafes will fulfill your craving for cultures.


Snowy street in Copenhagen during winter

Sometimes cool and refreshing icy days are part of the windy temperatures here. Copenhagen remains cool and divine and offers a huge range of choices to tick in your checklist for winter. Be it sunshine, lunchtime or dinner, the city gives you the best restaurants and cafes to fit in your budget.

The city during the winter is not only jam-packed with Scandinavian decoration instead you can find a market at every second corner. Either shop from the Christmas market or go local and explore the different versions of the city. During hot weather, pools here remain packed with locals but as the weather changes (winter) people tend to restrain themselves from cold water thus cool winter showers are often referred to as the traditional thing you should dare yourself.


Don’t you think that Europe is an ideal city for a winter break? Though you don’t like Christmas or snowy climates, if you are seeking good food and magnificent architectures it is just unbeatable.

Winter is a pleasurable time to visit those charming villages with less crowd you can add more in your vacay plan plus off-season prices make your travel budget-friendly.

You don’t want to lose the magic! All you need is a Destination!



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