Top Cities to visit in Europe in Summer

You are lucky enough if you have flexible jobs and lifestyles to take your vacations anytime on the calendar, but unfortunately, there are many who have fewer choices. And it wouldn’t be wrong saying that Europe is a twelve-month destination, where there is not any particular time to visit its corners. Obviously, a year-round travel is not the best option for most, therefore, tourists cut down their travel dates according to their interests.

Luckily, Europe entertains its visitors 365 days and each season here offers a unique ambiance and exposure. But deciding the exact time and duration to travel to Europe can be a tough decision, especially for first time visitors.

So are you looking for the best time to have that European famous ARTISAN DU CHOCOLAT? Then here is an ultimate guide for you detailing the climate changes and the cities to visit in Europe. Exploring the locations in Europe solely depends on your interests - do you wanna relax on a sandy beach or wanna go for a snowy adventure?

Summer Trip Goals

Cities to Visit During Summer:

Summer season is pretty good to travel Europe— Along with the high crowds and rising temperatures, the long days and the breezy nightlife are the powerful European strokes.

Duration to Travel: Late June to Late August is ideal


 Evening view of a boat standing on a coastline at Gothenburg

With breathtaking scenic beauty and a collection of fascinating Islands and pristine lakes, Gothenburg is an ideal destination to visit in summer. And literally what is better than enjoying the locals in that sunny temperature with that Liseberg amusement parks and rainforests.

Gothenburg is a lavish green city that offers top-notch cuisine, fashionable shopping, and a Swedish Crayfish Party. The crayfish parties are one of best yet an amazing Sweden’s traditions, where people celebrate the beginning of the season. Join the crayfish traditions in different places and have fun.

Walking in the Gothenburg locals is actually a treat to visitors who love the natural beauty and villages. Combine the hiking trips with fascinating fishing villages, Koster islands, national parks, and enjoy the mouth-watering foods and other attractions on your way.


Kamniska Bistrica Valley view in Ljubljana

You can always have chilled beer in Ljubljana. Summers in Ljubljana remains jam-packed with outdoor library and outdoor events. There are a number of places to visit in Ljubljana in the sweltering heat including the cafes and bars, and the best ice cream parlors. The temperature in Ljubljana offers some cool options of exploring Kamniska Bistrica Valley, high mountain herdsmen's villages, and Predjama castle. Ljubljana features a number of parks and forested trails which make this city a perfect epitome of a lover's paradise. Take your time and relish the sunny waves and different festivals here.


Beachside view of Dubrovnik City

Dubrovnik is better known for its stunning beaches and botanical gardens. Now it is famous as the main location of the most popular TV Series - Game of Thrones. If you love having a chilled beer, relaxing in sun and diving into the transparent Adriatic ocean then delve into the exotic locations of Dubrovnik this summer.

Lokrum Island would really surprise you by its salt levels. The Island includes different swimming spots, including a popular yet mini “Dead Sea” –The dead sea is particularly a very small salt lake on the island which is being famous for easy float due to its different salt levels! If you want to shade down the sun for a few hours you can spend your time in indoor attractions such as the Maritime Museum and Cultural Historical Museum.



What can be more energetic on a hot day than diving in a pool? Famous for its medicinal thermal baths, Budapest offers a lot more than the bath in open-air pool. The stunning view of Buda and Pest on the two riversides, from the Danube cruise, is just a lavish treat in summers. With its cheap and lush alcohol, locals designed for parties, and stunning ruin bar scene, Budapest is an excellent place to catch a drink. The bars here are constructed in abandoned buildings and features a lot of funky art installations. Drinking in the remains of the building gives a quite fun and amazing experience.

Budapest is quite famous for its nightlife. Not interested in nightlife?? Don’t worry there are more ways to discover Budapest. If you wanna relax, try some Budapest’s famous spa’s, have a walk across the chain bridge, visit WAMP ( a famous design market), ride the Budapest Eye Ferris wheels, and enjoy the panoramic views from Gellert Hill and Danube Promenade. You can really take some stunning pictures here, so don’t forget to take your DSLR with you. Right from the spring to Autumn and Sunny to winter, Budapest gives you many reasons to make memories.


Street side view of Barcelona Architecture

Hip and trendy Barcelona is a majestic destination that never sleeps. With oodles of scenic views, fusion bands, and growing food movement, the city is much famous for its nightlife. Moreover, Barcelona is a dazzling seaside city with a surprising culture, acclaimed architecture, and exotic dining scene. Well, Barcelona is much famous for exotic and vibrant sun-drenched beaches, so you can have a peaceful and relaxing afternoon on the beach to accompany your trip.

Are you a history lover? Great! Barcelona knows how to entertain different you. The towering temples and subterranean stone welcome you into Roman-era Barcino. The masterpieces of architectural treasures span 1500+years. While one side of Barcelona is famous for 24 hours party people, the other side blooms the artistic masterpieces of those inspired artists including Pablo Picasso, Joan Miro whose arts are gallantly displayed in different museums. Looking for something adventurous to cheer your trip in this hot summer? In and around Barcelona you can find activities such as rafting, hiking, paddle surfing, skydiving and rock climbing to make your chill summer more happening.

Right from the divine nightlife scene to eastern luscious food, peaceful music to adventurous sports Barcelona also does wonders with its Gaudi architecture, striking, and sun-drenched beaches.

Some more city break options to complement the sun and more if the environment suits you.


piazza venezia rome

The ancient architectural wonders and the beautiful art laden churches in Rome are worth a visit in summer. The exotic district buzzes and the hangout on the pizza lanes are the best things you can do on a hot day. Make the most out of this hot weather and check out the summer bars, experience the shopping and delicious cuisine in the avocado restaurant.

At the end of the hectic day share the space near the Rome outskirts to rejuvenate yourself.


Panorama View of Florence City at Night

Florence's summery temperatures, busy open-air arts, vibrant nightlife and an energetic cultural Movida that ends at opera and contemporary art makes Florence one of the most exclusive summer destinations. The historic center here is bubbled with lights and amazing scents. A saunter through squares and streets, a snap at lively cafeterias and fun at taverns unexpectedly unveils the phenomenal atmosphere that can be enjoyed only in the summer months. Days here are longest and that breezy night is perfect for hanging out.


Boat-ride in a canal in Copenhagen

Copenhagen offers a bit more than capturing the harbor's clear water to the family time in King’s garden. Summer is the best time to join a street festival here, have fun in water activities, chill near the beaches and a long ride on a bike is what Copenhagen offers to the visitors. The weather here gets brighter,  and the whole city whispers with vigorous life. You can go for hours in the lush gardens and the striking beaches in this conveniently small capital. Splash around and dive here from Island’s Bryye’s staircase, relax on a beach chair while holding a chilled beer what say? 


Whimsical garden in Lisbon

Enjoy the international pop to jazz and chorale to rock in the open air in Lisbon throughout the year. Lisbon is actually a year-round traveling destination that offers events, festivals, a number of vacay places, and local charm in small packages. Head to the picturesque beaches near Lisbon and capture the refreshing hills in Sintra to browse more about its palaces and whimsical gardens. With exotic places and yummy Licious cuisine, culture and music all through the year Lisbon sometimes surprises the visitors and hey, it’s really good to get surprised sometimes!! 


Bridge-side Panoramic view of Prague City

Prague doesn’t really swelter in the summer. The weather here is neither too hot nor too cold to wear sunglasses and sweaters in the season. The beautiful old castles and churches in Prague give a cool break from the rising sun. There is nothing better than lying on a patch of grass, and a walk towards the hill with a panoramic vision of the city. With a little sweat and holding an icy cool Czech beer in your hand, Prague also does wonders with its range of outdoor activities. Through the summer months, you can enjoy riverboat rides, opera shows, and restaurant patios.


A view from a historical palace in Vienna

Right from classical music to the antiques, walls of graffiti to the historical buildings Vienna has a long list of sightseeing and places to keep you cherished for long days. Barbecuing at Volksgarten Pavillon, free concerts at Summerstage and walk through towns, Vienna is a colorful place full of thrill and gives you many reasons to plan for the city in summer.


Fountain side view of Madrid City

Right from the huge museums to the old bars and exotic restaurants, every corner at Madrid unfolds the spots that engage tourists and locals. The city is full of rooftops, wines and plenty of venues to keep you entertained for summer months. Take shelter in the breezing shades of cool roof-top terraces and relish an icy granizado, enjoy the whispering sounds of the city that slows down in the sweltering weather. Madrid unfolds a number of marvels to explore that can be experienced 24*7 on a sunny day.


a busy colorful street in Amsterdam

Whether you are a party guy, a festival lover, or a beach addict, there are countless choices of things to do in Amsterdam during the June, July, and August. With the high population of avid cyclists and breathtaking canals, Amsterdam really amazes in summer. The party in Oosterpark brings the world’s best music artists from the city presenting the acrobats and other performances from the Netherlands and Morocco. And nothing can match watching your favorite movie under the stars on a mild night. The rooftop movie nights in the city starts in July with some really blockbuster classics.

Note - You may miss your movie if you stare at the stunning star view


Tourists rowing in boats outside a palace in Granada

Well, it can be said that every summer months the city undergoes a wonderful transformation of vibrant colors and lights. The days are longer here and give exposure for a number of outdoor activities including sports, hanging out on the beaches, and devouring at terrace bars. The summer nights are reshuffled into the high spirits, occasions, and events, which end up in the early morning. Browsing the cultural sites, which stays unlock for long hours and a number of activities make the city makes the trip enjoyable and delightful.


Scenic view of Porto City from a restaurant at coast side

Outlined by the sea and the majestic river Duoro, Porto is considered as one of the fascinating old towns in the country. After a long walk in those tapering ways of the tall buildings of Porto, catch a coffee, authentic food, and music from late afternoons to early morning. The historical center of the city includes a landscape richness and unusual monuments where you can catch different urban solutions ranging from old times to contemporary.

With so many things to explore, a summer trip to the European destinations is a way to go! The weather change in Europe is erratic, but don’t you think travelling in surprising weather can make your holiday more thrilling?

If you are outlining your trip to Europe, it is wise to acknowledge the temperature and weather conditions there. Check the weather online and plan your trip accordingly.



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