Should I take an Overnight Journey?

Overnight Bus Timings between various European Cities

Overnight journey's present you with two amazing benefits. Both the benefits are core to your tour and so it makes sense to lean towards agreeing for an Overnight journey. Sure it has cons but to us, the pros lean heavily over the cons. Let's discuss the benefits presented and the cons associated with an overnight journey and let's also assess why our leaning towards overnight journey is justified.

Overnight journey's help you in two ways:

1st benefit: The first key benefit of travelling overnight is that it saves you a full day! A full day to explore more of Europe instead of just sitting around in a bus to reach the next destination.


2nd benefit: The second benefit that it provides with is related to the most desirable thing in the whole wide world, money. Yes, you can save a full day's hotel/hostel's cost by travelling overnight.


Now, let us look at the Cons of travelling overnight:

Travelling overnight has just one con which is what exactly comes to your mind when you hear overnight, possible sleep deprivation and tiredness. We believe that this con can be endured by the young solo/friends travellers without much difficulty in their Europe tour.

The seats provided in the bus are push back seats and also have ample of legroom for someone to comfortably travel through the whole journey. Buses in Europe usually have toilet's installed in them and so you wouldn't even have to run to the driver in case of nature's call.

Seat in a bus for overnight journey

How do we really avail the benefit of saving a day's Hostel/Hotel money and also sightsee?

Hostels/Hotels in Europe usually have something called as Luggage room at their property. On the day when you have an overnight journey, you can check-out in the morning and keep your luggage in the luggage room. The Luggage rooms have CCTV's installed and rarely there has been a case of theft and so you can be pretty safe by keeping your luggage in the luggage room. After keeping the luggage, you can visit the places you want in the city and come back to pick your luggage to go to the bus station.

 Luggage station facility in a European City

The Check-in time in Europe usually is at 2 PM and so if the clients are coming in early, you can visit the Hostel/Hotel and keep your luggage in their luggage room, freshen up a bit and start exploring the new city. Hostels usually have common public bathrooms and can be used for freshening up. You can come back after the check-in time, place your luggage in your room and if the room does not have enough storage space, you can take out the important stuff and again keep the luggage back in the luggage room.

To conclude, the pros weigh heavily on the cons and so we highly recommend going for overnight trips. The same might not be always applicable to couples and families but for solo/friends travellers, this is near to perfect.

In all our Solo/Friends itineraries, if there is an overnight journey possible, we have chosen that. For Couples and Families, we have chosen 1 or max 2 Overnight Journey's in the Standard Price and 0 Overnight Journey's in Premium and Luxury Itineraries.

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