List of Hostels which we will be Booking for our clients

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The Management defined the parameters like proximity to the center, happening-ness, comfort, reviews, and reasonability in choosing a hostel over the other.

We are listing down the hostels, which we are going to book in an individual city. We would request the client to let us know by sending us an email at in case they want to book one over the other or an altogether different hostel. An altogether different hostel is not recommended unless you particularly want to stay there.

We are covering almost all the major cities on this list. In case we have not covered your desired city on this list, kindly mail us at

For Bookings, we will be Booking the First Hostel over the Second and if we are unable to book the first, we will be moving to the second and then third and so on and so forth.

The Beds which we will be booking for you will be in a 4-6-8 beds room.

List of Hostels in:


  1. Flying Pig Downtown
  2. Hans Brinker
  3. Durty Nelly's
  4. The Bulldog


  1. Equity Point Centric
  2. Sant Jordi Alberg
  3. Urbany Hostel
  4. Christophers Inn
  5. Generator Hostel
  6. Hostelone


  1. Christophers Inn
  2. 180 degree
  3. Citystay Mitte
  4. Generator Hostel
  5. Heart of gold
  6. Wombats
  7. East Seven
  8. Circus


  1. Lybeer travellers hostel


  1. Sleepwell
  2. HI Hostels
  3. Brussels quality hostel


  1. A&O


  1. Copenhagen downtown
  2. Generator Hostels
  3. Copenhagen backpackers
  4. Woodah Hostel


  1. My Friends
  2. Archi Rossy
  3. Academy Hostel
  4. Hostel Central
  5. Plus Florence
  6. Hostel Santa Monaca


  1. Backpackers St. Pauli


  1. Backpackers Villa Sonnenhof
  2. Balmers Party Hostel


  1. Home Lisbon
  2. Yes Hostels
  3. Equity Point
  4. Travellers house
  5. Good Morning
  6. Lost Inn
  7. Look Out


  1. Lion Lodge
  2. Backpackers Lucerne
  3. Bellpark Hostel
  4. Youth Hostel


  1. Toc Hostel
  2. Miguel Angel
  3. The Hat
  4. OK Hostel
  5. Room007
  6. Mola
  7. Far home Atocha
  8. Way hostel
  9. U Hostel


  1. Ostello Bello
  2. Ostello Bello Grande
  3. Queen Hostel
  4. Amos Luxe
  5. New Generation Hostel Navigli


  1. Wombats
  2. The 4You Hostel
  3. Meininger


  1. Christopher’s Inn
  2. Vintage
  3. Les Piaules
  4. Oops Design
  5. 3 Ducks
  6. Aloha
  7. MIJE
  8. Smart Place


  1. Hostel Pisa
  2. Hostel Pisa Tower


  1. Tattva
  2. Yes Porto
  3. Rivoli Cinema
  4. Pilot Design
  5. Best Guest


  1. Old Prague Hostel
  2. Hostel Prague Tyn
  3. Hostel Downtown
  4. The Madhouse
  5. Hostel One Home
  6. Ahoy Hostel
  7. Cosmopole
  8. Equity Point
  9. Hostel Santini
  10. Charles Bridge Economic Hostel
  11. Adam and Eve
  12. Czech Inn


  1. The Yellow
  2. Hotel Alessandro Downtown
  3. The Beehive
  4. Mosaic
  5. Hostel Lodi
  6. Dreaming Rome
  7. Papa Germano
  8. Generator Rome
  9. Pensione Giaminca
  10. Roman Holidays
  11. Funny Palace


  1. King Kong


  1. JUFA Salzburg
  2. Yoho
  3. Summer Hostel Salzburg
  4. A&O


  1. Generator
  2. CA Barbaria
  3. Ostello Fosca
  4. Awa Venice Apartments
  5. The Silk road
  6. Jan Palach


  1. Wombats Naschmarket
  2. Wombats Lounge
  3. Mymojovie
  4. Hostel Ruthensteiner


  1. The drunk Monkey Hostel


  1. Oldtown Hostel Otter
  2. Hostel Biber
  3. Youth Hostel



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