Keep your luggage at Stations

Touring Europe is an exciting affair. Going around every city with your luggage glued can be hazardous. So, if you are carrying heavy luggage and want to see the city without being in a hostel, it's better to leave them safely at Luggage stations and then go for sightseeing. Each station has its own timings and prices. Stations have fixed prices for a particular number of hours and print a ticket when you come back to collect your luggage. Let's see the different options where you may leave your luggage and the prices charged by those options. Also, luggage station prices do change and so even if we might not be 100% accurate but we will give you an estimate of the money you will have to shell out.

luggage station in france Left luggage facility in Paris, France:

Except for bikes, skis and surfboards you will get left luggage facilities in Paris.

Gare du Nord in Paris allows luggage to be left between 6-15 am to 11-15 pm.

A small locker will cost you 5.5 Euros for 48 hours. Medium sized one will cost 7.5 Euros for 48 hours. It can accommodate two medium backpacks. A big sized locker will cost you 9.5 Euros at the same time. There is no key involved here. You can pay the money, and a receipt is printed. You may get changes of 10 Euro, 20 Euro and 50 Euro notes in coins. They accept credit cards too.

Gare de Lyon also has the facility for left luggage, the luggage is first X-ray checked and then kept in the lockers. Locker size and prices are the same like Gare du Nord.

Left luggage facilities in Gare D'Austerlitz, Gare de'l Ést allow pieces of luggage from 6 am, and 7 am respectively in the morning till 11 in the night.

Lille allows luggage to be left from 7:30 am in the morning till 8 in the evening. The cost is 4 Euros for two items up to 2 hours, 5.50 Euros per item for 10 hours and 9.5 Euros per item for 24 hours and more.

Bordeaux has left luggage facilities from 7 in the morning till 11:30 in the evening.

Toulouse has left luggage facility open from 8:30 am in the morning until 10 pm evening. 

Left luggage facility in Spain

Madrid Chamartin has luggage locker open from 7 am morning to 11 pm evening. Small lockers cost 3 Euros, medium 3.5 Euros and large lockers costs 5 Euros. Luggage is X-ray scanned and then put into the locker area.

Madrid Atocha has locker facilities which are available from 5:30 in the morning till 11 in the evening. Timings for weekends start from 6 am onwards. Small lockers cost 2.4 Euros, medium 3 Euros and large lockers cost 4.5 Euros.  The luggage is X-ray checked first and then kept in the facility.

Barcelona Sants, Malaga and Alicante offer locker facilities between 5:30 am till 11 p.m. Barcelona charges 3.6 Euros for the small locker and 5.2 Euros for the large sized ones.

Seville, Valencia Nord and Zaragoza also have left luggage facility at the same cost.

Left luggage in Italy

You may avail left luggage facility in Italian cities like- Rome Termini Florence SMN, Milan Centrale, Turin Porta, Nuova, Venice, Santa Lucia Verona Porta Nuova Bologna Centrale, NaplesCentrale from 6 am in the morning until 11 pm evening. The price per bag is 6 Euros for the first 5 hours, 9 Euros for 6-12 hours and then 0 .4 euro for each extra hour. The maximum length of deposit is five days.

There are luggage facilities in Pisa Centrale Venice Mestre, Trieste Genoa Brignole, Genoa Piazza Principe, La Spezia, Ventimiglia, Treviso, Padua, Pescara, Ancone, Pesaro, Assisi and Perugia 

Left luggage facility in Switzerland

You can avail luggage services in sizeable lockers of Geneva, Basel, Zurich, Bern, Lausanne, Monteux, Spiez, Interlaken, Ost, and Lucerne, Lugano, Chur, Visp, Brig and most other Swiss stations. The price for small sized luggage is CHF 6, for large sized is CHF 9.They are open from 4:25 am till 11:30 in the evening.

Left luggage in Brussels and Belgium

The security of situation will be a big issue for leaving luggage at a station.  But, there are some places which keep luggage. Brussels Midi has luggage facility which will cost 6 Euros per item on a calendar day. The three sizes available are 3 Euros, 3.5 Euros, and 4 Euros per 24 hours. Bruges has a left luggage center which is open from 6 am in the morning till 10 in the evening. Antwerp Central has left luggage locker available for 3 Euros, 3.5 Euros and 4 Euros for small medium and large sized cabinets for 24 hours. 

Left luggage facility in Amsterdam and other parts of Netherlands

You may avail luggage locker facilities in Amsterdam Central. There are two sizes, small and large ones available at 7 Euros, and 10 Euros for first 24 hours. You may pay by Maestro cards also. The locker is open to customers from 5 am in the morning till 1 am at night. Rotterdam, Utrecht, Den Haag have similar locker facilities. 

Left luggage in Austria

You will have luggage locker facility in Vienna Westbanhnhof, Vienna Meidling, Salzburg, Innsbruck, Linz, Graz, St Anton, Bregenz, Feldkirch, Kitzbuhel, Wells and other stations.

Smaller sized lockers are available at 2 Euros; medium sized at 2.5 Euros and larger ones at 3.5 Euros for 24 hours.

Left luggage in Portugal

You will have left luggage facility at Lisbon, Santa Apolonia, Lisbon Oriente, Lisbon Rossio, and Lisbon Cais do Sodre. They are all available for 24 hours. The cost for smaller lockers is 3 Euros, medium at 5 Euros and bigger ones for 7 Euros a day. The rate is valid for 24 hours.

Porto Campanha and Porto Sao Bento have left facilities for 24 hours. 

Left luggage in Germany

There are locker facilities available in Munich, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Dusseldorf and many other stations in Germany. There are small and medium-sized lockers available for 3 Euros and 5 Euros respectively.

Cologne has several left luggage machines in central corridor and outside the ticket office. The price is 7 Euros for 24 hours and 4 Euros for 2 hours respectively.

Berlin Hauptbahnhof has luggage locker facility available between 6 am to 10 pm. Each luggage is scanned through the X-ray machine. The prices per day are around 4 to 6 Euros. 

Left luggage facilities are available in other European cities

Belgrade: The cost of keeping luggage is 1 euro for 24 hours. Luggage office open from 7 am in the morning until 10 pm evening.

Bucharest: You may keep luggage at 1 euro for 24 hours.

Budapest Keleti: The cost of keeping luggage is 2 Euros for small sized and 3 Euros for larger sized lockers.

Copenhagen: They have staffed baggage counter at stations. They are open from 5:30 am to 1 pm on weekdays. The cost of keeping a medium-sized locker is 55Kr per item and for large sized ones are 60 Kr where $1 is equal to around 6Kr.


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