How to handle your Laundry while in Europe?

Washing machines in a laundry room in a hostel with a basket in front of them.

A trip can be fascinating with so many countries, cities, and so many people. To make your tour the most enjoyable one, travelling light is the best option. Carry only whatever is necessary and not otherwise. Make sure you don’t go beyond 8-10 kgs as the luggage gets too heavy once you cross that weight. After going through the following article, we believe you will be able to understand how you will still be able to post pictures with different clothes on a daily basis. Washing clothes and drying them is a big task when you are packing light. Let's see some excellent techniques to laundry your clothes while in Europe.

What to do if you stay in hostels?

In Europe, maximum hostels have inbuilt laundry. A room with 20 machines in a line is enough to meet the requirement of the inmates. A coin which is worth 2-3 Euros will allow you to wash a certain KGs of clothes. Time slots will then be allotted to you to wash your clothes. The price of the detergent might be included in the coin or the management might sell you the detergent and if the management has decided not to have the detergent hassle at all, you may have to go outside, buy it and use it in the machine. You can take help from the management as to how to wash the clothes. The dryer is in-built the machine. You can iron the clothes by yourself, courtesy travel iron machine, or management of the hostel or you can get it done from outside. If you don’t intend to use those services, you can use the tricks listed in the article below.

How to laundry in European hotels?

Whenever you drop into a hotel in Europe, you will enjoy all facilities except washing and drying in your room. The trick is that they never encourage washing in bathrooms or basin. Most of the hotels are geared with a huge signboard reading ‘Do not wash' But, say if you are travelling for 15 -30 days with a backpack, definitely you would like to wash some of your belongings. Buying all your useful stuff on the way will be expensive. Following are the tricks which you can use-

  1. Take a ‘clothesline’ which is an intertwined double string along with pegs to ensure that you may wash and dry the night you are in a hotel.
  2. Carry liquid soap along with you and carefully carry them in your luggage; keep a watch that they are double, triple-layered in a plastic bag.
  3. Carry deodorant, sanitizer, and spray them on your clothes to avoid that stinky smell.
  4. Take a mesh and net; preferably smaller size so that you may place them on the washbasins. Maximum hotels don't provide a stopper to discourage washing
  5. You may carry a travel-friendly iron with you in case you are very particular not to step out without ironed clothes.
  6. Carry foldable hangers.
  7. Take T-shirts, shorts, and jeans which could be reused and wear a casual look.

Every day while you come back from the city tour, you may wash your belongings in the hotel bathroom and use the closet in the bathroom for drying. Make sure that the water drips down. Later, you may dry them anywhere. Make sure that you wash and dry your clothes in a way that the hotel guys do not get to know about it.

Sometimes it makes sense to use the hotel provided shampoos to wash your inner wears. Many people do not carry detergents and prefer washing them in the hotel basins every other day. Dry them in bathrooms while you are out the whole day.

How to use a launderette?

washing machines of yellow and red colour in a launderette and flat tables for ironing clothes in front of them.If you are one of those who do not like to do laundry by applying soap or shampoo and want to get it done swiftly, a launderette is a perfect answer to your question. Wherever you stay in Europe, you will find a launderette not far from your place. You may use Google or ask the hotel staff to guide you. A launderette is basically coin-operated machines to be used by the public for all their laundry purposes. 20-30 self-operation washing machines are lined up. You can ask the instructor, though they might ask you to read the instructions and follow those, there as to how to do it and they will guide you on how to use it, which buttons to be pressed and how many clothes to be put in and for how much time. The machines have dryer in-built which enables you to get your clothes up and ready within an hour’s time. A single wash will cost you 10-15 Euros. In the meantime, your clothes are getting washed, you can enjoy free wi-fi provided by most of the launderettes.

If your clothes need ironing, either do it yourself or you can give them to an ironing parlour or might be at the hotels. A single shirt can cost you (1-4) Euros for ironing. You may have to spend 8-10 Euros per piece to it get washed and ironed. Still, in case you have come on a business trip and desire a neatly rolled look at the conference, it is a better idea to give it to the hotels for maintenance. It might be a bit pricey but it will be hazard-free. Travelling light is the key.

Carry whatever is necessary and do not expect a party every alternate evening. Casual dressing, shoes, socks, caps, and glares can fulfill the clothing attire needs. Wash whenever is necessary. Do not wash too much if the weather is cloudy else you have to carry wet, stinky clothes in your luggage. Be smart and clean your necessities in your hostel/hotel room. Avoid dripping water as much as possible so that the authorities do not have any chance to complain. Travel light and enjoy life to the maximum.


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