How to get an International Driving License?

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If you are an Indian national, the International Driving Permit (IDP) enables you to drive a private motor vehicle in all countries which recognize an IDP. But it must be accompanied by your valid Indian driving license. It is a multi-language translation of the driver’s license from the issuing country and it also bears the driver’s photograph and vital statistics. It is important to check with the country you are travelling to whether you will need this document.

The IDP is not a substitute for a driver's license which means that you need to carry a valid driver's license from home. If you are planning on driving while in Europe, it is recommended that you obtain an International Driving Permit (IDP), before your departure from your home country as in many cases it is a pre-requisite for hiring a car.

Applying for an International Driving Permit is an easy affair. For example, in India, the local Regional Transport Offices (RTO) will provide you with a document, or you could approach the Western India Automobile Association if you are a resident of Mumbai, Goa or Nagpur. The IDP is valid only for one year.

driving 1Documents Required for International Driving License/Permit:

  1. The application form can be obtained at the RTO or it can be filled online by visiting
  2. IDP Fee of Rs. 500/- which is payable at the cash counter.
  3. Carry the originals and self-attested copies of valid driving license, passport, visa and air ticket.
  4. Medical Certificate in forms CMV 1 and CMV 1A (available at RTO or online) needs to be submitted along with the application
  5. Three to five recent passport-sized photographs.
  6. Two different address proofs with the same address on it, for example, your voter ID and a phone bill.
  7. A cover letter addressed to the RTO stating your need for an IDP.

Western India Automobile Association (WIAA) has been granted authority by the Local RTO's to issue IDPs. The association asks the user to become Members initially and only then allow them to apply for IDP. If the user plans to go through this entity, they can visit them here and follow the procedures to get the International Driving Permit.


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