About Us

Why did we start, What are we doing and How are we doing it?

Travel is very closely related to the premise of life-moving. On a daily basis one travels a short commute from home to work and vice-versa and few spend their whole life in that short commute, we are formed to help you take the plunge and go on a long commute. Currently focused on Europe and few other destinations, we aim to provide the best of best services at the rates you would love to go for a long commute. The idea is to have people travel around the world, experience things, learn, educate and implement in their day to day life thereby helping the whole of humanity on a global scale.

The tagline "We want you to travel" stems from the fact that there are forces in the market who don't want you to travel without shelling out a lot of money. Huge margins and dynamic fare puts you in a spot, where you shout out loud in your head, 'Do you even want me to travel?'

With Tour de Guide, this is not going to be the case. No dynamic fares and not a huge margin to fill our pockets with.

What is the mission with which we are working?

The mission of Tour de Guide is to have as many people travel around the World, currently Europe and few other destinations, as possible. See the way a country functions, their behaviour, their way of protesting, learn the socio-political and economic functionality of the countries, see the beautiful places and the wonders of the world with glaring open eyes.

We want the youth to travel freely in all the countries they plan to go. We want people to do solo trips, learn by themselves and come out as an even more amazing person than they were.

What is our Vision?

The vision is to simply fulfil the dreams of each and every Individual, the dream of visiting their favourite or to be favourite place in the world. The smile and joy we had when we booked our first Europe trip is what we want everyone to experience.

Through this vision, we want to make the world a smaller place than it already is. We want to Improve efficiency, increase effectiveness and help people see the world as one global nation. On a fun note, we want to make the favourite quote of astrologers, 'Your child will go to abroad' redundant.

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